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Spotify Celebrates Women’s History Month With Launch of ‘Amplify,’ a Hub Spotlighting Causes and Communities

Spotify has launched Amplify, a hub for spotlighting causes and community voices, kicking off with Women's History Month and International Women's Day.

Spotify has launched Amplify, a hub for spotlighting causes and community voices, kicking off with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8).

Throughout the year, Amplify — available only to users in the US and Canada — will highlight various social causes, including gender equality, mental health and self-care, immigration and LGBTQ rights. 

The streaming platform will feature related podcasts and playlists for each cause, including a dedicated playlist that will be updated each week. This month’s is entitled “Amplify: Women of the World.” Others span nearly every genre, including “Women of Indie,” “Women of Hip-Hop” and “Women of Comedy.” 


There are also sections on the Amplify homepage that highlights categories such as “Movements on the Rise” (“Black Girl Magic,” “Mujerones”) and “Icons and Influencers” (“This is Joni Mitchell,” “This is Tina Turner“), among other playlists for some of the biggest women in music.

In recognition of the surge in Latin music streams around the world, Spotify also launched a Women of Latin initiative in its Latin hub, marking the feature with an exclusive interview with Demi Lovato — who is also on Billboard’s cover this week — and a Spanish version of her song “Tell Me You Love Me.” Both the interview and the song premiered on the “¡Viva Latino!” playlist today (March 8).

“Our world is inspiring people to speak up about the things they believe in, to make a difference, to make a change.” Lovato told Spotify. “And one of the things that people are speaking out against is women’s rights, women hold so much power, so much strength, we really need to embrace that as a society and all genders.”

Continuing on through March and beyond, the Latin hub will now feature “¡Viva Latinas!,” a shelf of all-Latina-led playlists, and created a special edition of its “Latin Divas” playlist, which includes female artists from all parts of Latin America, the US Latin community, and Spain, and is also prominently featured on the Amplify homepage this month. 

Becky G, who is featured on the ¡Viva Latino! playlist, said: “I take pride in being an empowered, young latina who works hard to honor other strong women around me, and all over the world, not just today, but everyday.”