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Spotify Kids Launches in U.S., Canada and France with New ‘Wash Your Hands’ Playlist

Spotify's first standalone app for children, Spotify Kids, launched in beta on Tuesday (March 31) in the U.S., Canada and France. 

Spotify isn’t just for adults anymore.

The streaming service’s first standalone app for children, Spotify Kids, launched in beta on Tuesday (March 31) in the U.S., Canada and France. The company previously rolled out the app in various other countries, including Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Spotify Kids, which is exclusive to Spotify Premium Family subscribers at no additional cost, is designed specifically for children ages three and older. The ad-free app gives young listeners access to singalongs, soundtracks and stories, all of which have been handpicked by Spotify editors to ensure content is appropriate for children.

There are currently more than 125 playlists and 8,000 songs programmed in the app, with more being added daily. The majority of Spotify Kids content was built specifically for the app and is not available to regular Spotify subscribers.

Spotify Kids
Courtesy of Spotify

Since Spotify Kids first launched in Ireland on October 30, 2019, Spotify has made a number of improvements, including increasing the number of available songs by 30%; ensuring that half of all content is localized by market; adding more audiobooks to a library that now boasts over 60 hours of stories; and increasing the amount of “bedtime content,” including lullabies and calming music. Spotify is additionally working to roll out more parental control features.

In the U.S., programming on Spotify Kids includes mainstream kids music as well as Spanish language, country, Christian, Motown and soul dance party playlists, among others. There are also playlists tied to new family-oriented film releases, including Trolls World Tour and Frozen.


On a global scale, the Spotify Kids app now includes “Wash Your Hands,” a coronavirus-inspired playlist that helps children learn how to wash their hands, cough and sneeze properly, with a new song from Pinkfong entitled “Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark” a featured element. Educational music content is also a feature of the app across markets, including a “Learning” playlist hub with songs that teach children about counting, the alphabet, science and more.

“We’re still early in the journey with Spotify Kids, it is still in beta, but we’re happy with the way the rollout has been going so far and the great interest we’ve seen from our Spotify Premium Family users,” said Spotify chief premium business officer Alex Norström in a statement. “Spotify Premium Family, now with Spotify Kids, helps families listen both together and individually. Parents can reclaim their own Spotify libraries and all the personalization that they love, while their kids can develop a love for music and stories through an experience that’s designed just for them.”

Spotify Kids
Courtesy of Spotify

In a release announcing the new app, Spotify highlights a study it conducted to better understand music preferences among families with children. The results found that 98% of parents surveyed listen to music together with their children and that 59% do so on a daily basis. It also found that 72% of these families use music to relax, 69% use music to have fun and nearly 60% say music is an important part of their child’s life.

Children’s music has been a rare bright spot in the U.S. audio and video streaming space since the coronavirus began spreading widely through the country; though streaming overall was down by 3.5% between the week ending March 12 and the week ending March 19, streaming of kids’ music was up 9.8% during that same period, a likely byproduct of school closures nationwide.

New subscribers to Spotify’s regular Premium service are eligible for one free month of Premium Family, including access to Spotify Kids. You can take advantage of the offer here.