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Spotify Unveils Guide to Help Artists Reach More Listeners

The company has also launched more granular streaming insights for artists on the platform.

Spotify for Artists has unveiled a new educational website designed to help artists maximize the potential for their music to be discovered by fans on the streaming service.

The new site, dubbed Made to Be Found and available to all artists on Spotify, is intended to help artists gain a greater understanding of how users discover new music on the service by detailing the platform’s three key discovery pathways: editorial curation, personalized algorithmic recommendations and fan-led streaming (i.e. when users add “liked” songs to personal playlists).


Spotify notes that one-third of all new artist discoveries on the platform come from personalized algorithmic recommendations (colloquially known as “Made for You”), which include playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Made to Be Found includes information on the factors that go into these recommendations, including time of day, tempo, genre and individual users’ listening habits over time.

Made to Be Found will also include suggestions on how artists can take better advantage of discovery pathways to grow and engage their audiences. These include perfecting artist profiles, pitching to playlist editors, sharing music through social integrations, creating Promo Cards, uploading Canvases to tracks and creating campaigns via Spotify’s sponsored recommendation tool, Marquee.

Spotify is additionally deepening its personalized streaming insights for artists with the beta feature “Source of Streams,” an update to the “Engagement” tab on Spotify for Artists that allows artists to view a day-by-day breakdown of how users are discovering their music. In addition to delineating the various sources that lead users to an artist’s songs, Source of Streams also allows artists to view various engagement stats, including streams per listener, saves and playlist adds.

Soy Kim, creator product marketing manager at Spotify, says Source of Streams marks the first time the platform has offered this level of granular detail for artists, “so that they can walk away feeling equipped by this information.” It’s also the first time Spotify for Artists has segmented streaming sources into active and programmed streams.

Kim says that Made to Be Found grew out of one of the company’s top recurring requests from artists: to better understand Spotify’s playlisting ecosystem.

“We really want artists to be in the driver’s seat and to take agency over their own ability to find success and reach new fans on our platform,” Kim continues. “That is really the inspiration behind why we created the site for them.”

Made to Be Found can be accessed here.