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Spotify Close to ‘Creating Its First Physical Products’

Spotify's long-known plan to create its own streaming device appears to ramping up, if several recent job postings are any indication.

Spotify’s plan to create its own streaming hardware appears to be ramping up, if several recent job postings are any indication. As spotted by Music Ally, a new job opportunity for an “Operations Manager — Hardware Product” lets it be known that the Swedish company is “on its way to creating its first physical products and setting up an operational organisation for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing.”

How far along in the process of creating its own hardware is unclear, but this hire would “define and manage” key elements like distribution, supply chain, logistics and customer service for the product(s). As some have pointed out, the ad suggests Spotify may be near the finish line in terms of designing the hardware and are now gearing up to manufacture it.

The job is based in Stockholm, as are a pair of other production-related jobs, for “Senior Project Manager Hardware Production” and “Project Manager Hardware Production & Engineering.” Both positions will drive the project with a “team of world-class Spotify engineers and designers, contractors, manufacturing suppliers etc.”


Like many other streaming services, Spotify relies on partnerships with third parties to stream its catalog on home devices. The exceptions are Amazon Music (Echo) and Google Play (Google Home), which both allow users to easily synch up their Spotify accounts for playback via vocal prompt. Apple notably took a more protective stance with its recently released HomePod speaker, which doesn’t support native playback via Spotify. The HomePod does, however, allow you play whatever you want from your iPhone/iPad/computer, meaning a user can simply play music from their Spotify app.