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Spotify Ad Featuring Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ Banned From UK TV For Being Too Scary

A new Spotify commercial advertising "killer songs you can't resist" has been banned from UK television.

A spooky new Spotify commercial advertising “killer songs you can’t resist” has been banned from UK television after the country’s Advertising Standards Authority deemed it distressing and too scary.   

In the ad, a woman is haunted by a terrifying eyeless doll every time Camila Cabello’s hit song “Havana” is played. However, due to its irresistibility as a “great song with its catchy melody and sing-along lyrics,” the woman can’t convince her friends to stop listening to it in order to escape the demon.   


“We acknowledge the ruling from the ASA and regret any distress the ad may have caused the complainant,” a Spotify spokesperson said of the ad. “It was created as a tongue-in-cheek horror parody – intended to be a humorous ad that demonstrated just how catchy some tracks can be. We take our responsibilities as a marketer very seriously and continue to be mindful of the ASA’s guidance on the effective and appropriate targeting of advertising campaigns.”

Watch the commercial below.