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Spotify Reveals 2019 ‘Wrapped’ Year-End Insights for Artists

Following the release of Spotify's "Wrapped" 2019 campaign for listeners earlier this week, the streaming service is now offering up insights for its artists.

Following the release of Spotify’s “Wrapped” 2019 campaign for listeners earlier this week, the streaming service is now offering up insights for its artists.

Each year, Spotify’s Artist Wrapped campaign — created for users of Spotify for Artists, a suite of tools offering a variety of year-round data insights for musicians — provides artists and their teams with a personalized “micro-site” (available in 26 languages) of fan listening behavior throughout the year. Statistics in the overview include total hours streamed; highest number of fan streams per hour; increases in followers, total listeners, new listeners, streams and playlist adds; number of countries where fans are located; country that grew by the highest percent of listeners; and number of fans that had the artist listed as their No. 1 artist. 

One additional component included this year is a quiz asking artists how many hours of sleep they think listeners lost to their music (i.e. listened to their songs between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.) over the past year. Spotify reveals that overall, Spotify listeners lost more sleep to Billie Eilish than any other artist on the platform in 2019.


Like last year, artists and their teams can share their Wrapped insights via cards that include total streams, hours, listeners and countries over the past year. The company notes that musicians claiming their Spotify for Artists profile for the first time will have a “Wrapped” micro-site waiting for them, so long as they had music on Spotify and at least three listeners prior to Oct. 31. Profiles can be claimed here

As part of the 2019 Artist Wrapped launch, Spotify is also revealing a few overall statistics, including that more than 1.2 million artists on the platform were listened to for more than 100 hours last year and 169,000 (spanning 208 countries and territories) were listened to for more than 10,000 hours. Additionally, more than 70,000 unique artists were listened to in every market where Spotify is available.


“Our goal is to give artists of all sizes the ammunition they need to help navigate their careers,” said Dominik Sanya, Spotify’s global head of creator marketing, in a statement. “We started with a data dashboard to give artists and their teams crucial information about how fans engage with their music, and have expanded over the years to provide a steady stream of new features and resources, dedicated to growing careers and sustaining momentum; tools like Canvas, which lets artists add looping visuals to their music, and Marquee, which gives artists and labels the ability to sponsor new music recommendations. We’ve also extended our educational content with professional advice from industry experts and host community building workshops and events. We’re committed to empowering artists holistically, and look forward to more developments in 2020 and beyond.”

More information on “Wrapped” can be found at the Spotify for Artists blog.

Spotify Reveals 2019 'Wrapped' Year-End Insights
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