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Spinnin’ Records Embraces Freemium Services with New ‘Premium’ Business Model

Streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud have left both major and independent labels in a cold sweat as they try to monetize these modern avenues. Spotify claims to have risen to 75 million active users as of June 2015, 20 million of which are premium users who pay the $10 monthly subscription, according to The Guardian.

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While several labels fret over these “freemium” services that make their revenue off ad space, independent dance label Spinnin’ Records has decided to embrace this new wave of consuming music. The Dutch imprint has announced their new sublabel, “Spinnin’ Premium,” a service that will offer members “an exclusive 2 week period of free downloading our latest Spinnin’ Premium releases.”

These free releases can be accessed by simply connecting with Facebook or providing one’s e-mail and password, on their website. According to their Terms of Use, Spinnin’ Records can use the user’s e-mail and any personal information tied to the users who sign up. This tactic will not only help build the label’s mailing list, but also offer them detailed insights on their fan base that may not be readily available from purchase-to-download platforms such as Beatport and iTunes.

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“The music industry is changing rapidly,” stated Spinnin’s CEO Eelko van Kooten. “Focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models.” He later added that giving away the music for free will break down the final wall that today’s generation of listeners have been knocking on.

They’ve kicked off their new freemium service with ‘Ghostchild’, a progressive record by Firebeatz and Apster, featuring Spree Wilson on the vocals.