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SoundCloud and Dubset Partner to Develop Next-Generation Strategies to Clearing Remixes & More: Exclusive

SoundCloud and Dubset announced a partnership to test and develop next-generation approaches to clearing remixes on the juggernaut streaming platform.

SoundCloud and Dubset Media Holdings announced a partnership Friday (Oct. 19) to help solve the clearance of remixes, mixes and more by testing and developing next-generation approaches on the juggernaut streaming platform.

Home to 190 million tracks from 20 million creators, Soundcloud is “the most important platform on the planet for creators,” says Stephen White, CEO of Dubset Media Holdings, noting it is the ultimate partner for the company.

SoundCloud’s CEO Kerry Trainor tells Billboard, “SoundCloud empowers the world’s largest community of audio creators, which includes millions of DJs and producers driving music culture forward with remixes and other innovative content. Dubset is at the forefront of next-generation content identification and clearances, and we’re excited to partner with them to test innovative approaches to unlock more value for both creators and rights holders.”


White adds, “This partnership is a landmark moment bringing together the vast breadth of SoundCloud’s library with the power of Dubset’s rights management and clearance capabilities to reduce complexity for the content creator while ensuring rights holders are properly identified and paid.” He also emphasizes the importance of mixes and remixes, saying “they have proven over and over to be powerful music discovery growth tools, consistently driving growth in plays of the original track as well. 


Dubset currently works with thousands of labels and publishing rights holders to claim royalties for more than 35 million original releases. The company will be implementing its technology to analyze content from SoundCloud’s music creators and identify the use of original recordings from remixes, mixes and more in order to claim all revenues and assign the full rights to the original right holders. 

The research and development partnership between SoundCloud and Dubset will commence later this year via an invite-only beta program for individual remixes. The companies plan to have the program encompass full DJ sets over time as well.