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SoundCloud Announces ‘Fortnite’ Livestream Tournament In First Gaming Play

SoundCloud is getting into the gaming business with the announcement of its first-ever livestreamed gaming tournament, SoundCloud Player One.

SoundCloud is getting into the gaming business.

Announced Wednesday (Feb. 3), the audio platform will host its first-ever livestreamed gaming tournament, SoundCloud Player One, that will stream via SoundCloud’s Twitch channel and Facebook page on Feb. 18 from 8-11pm ET. Hosted by esports commentator and well-known player MonsterDface along with rapper Rico Nasty, the tournament will pit eight SoundCloud artists-turned-gamers against one another in a game of Fortnite. It is envisioned as a way for participating SoundCloud creators to win new fans in the explosively popular online gaming community.


Viewers of the livestream will additionally be treated to a halftime performance by Nasty, to be held at Culture House in the rapper’s hometown of Washington, D.C. Other details will be announced in the coming days, including the full player lineup and exclusive prizes.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our community discover, share, and grow relationships in real time, and it’s become more important now than ever before with the pandemic limiting in-person connection through channels like concerts and events,” said SoundCloud vp, brand marketing Erika Leone in a statement. “With so many of our creators and listeners sharing a real passion for gaming culture, we’re stepping into the gaming space for the first time to bring them together to engage in innovative ways and connect rising creators with new fans.”

SoundCloud Player One is being viewed as the first in a series of gaming-related events for the company, which reports that 49% of its users identify as gamers. No additional details were provided about what shape these events might take.


The SoundCloud announcement coincides with an explosion of livestream events — both before and during the pandemic — that bridge the worlds of music and gaming. Last April, Travis Scott drew headlines when his blockbuster virtual performance in the multiplayer video game Fortnite Battle Royale drew tens of millions of views.