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SoundCloud Beefs Up Its Radio-Like Stations Feature

SoundCloud has updated its radio-like Stations feature to let users start new endless streams from artist pages.

SoundCloud has added another way to create new, algorithm-based streams of music. Earlier this year the company introduced Stations, allowing users the ability to start a radio-like stream of music based on any single track. Now, that same (Pandora-like) feature can be launched from an artist’s profile page as well, giving listeners a seemingly endless stream of songs in the vein of that artist.

As SoundCloud explains in a blog post announcing the feature, when a station is created it is saved to a user’s Collection area so it can be revisited. Tracks are refreshed each time a Station is re-launched, and SoundCloud does not put a limit on skipping past songs you don’t like.


“The algorithm behind Stations serves content in a different way than the Suggested Tracks feature we recently launched,” according the the blog post. “Stations serve a longer queue of songs that are a mixture of similar, new, and popular tracks related to the track or artist you started the Station from, for an experience closer to listening to the radio.”

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Stations created by SoundCloud Go subscribers will also have a bigger pool of songs to cull from, to the tune of 125 million. Free users will still be able to listen to “tens of millions of tracks,” the company notes.