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Sonos Buys Dutch Speaker Startup Mayht for $100 Million

The company specializes in crafting small speakers that match the power of much larger ones.

Sonos, known for its wireless multi-room speakers, announced Monday (April 11) that it acquired the company Mayht for $100 million. The Dutch startup specializes in crafting small speakers that can summon the jaw-rattling power of much larger ones.

Mayht’s ability to produce compact audio equipment that’s still loud enough to upset your neighbors stems from its approach to manufacturing audio transducers, a small internal component of a speaker.

In a statement, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence praised Mayht’s “breakthrough in transducer technology.”


“This strategic acquisition gives us more incredible people, technology and intellectual property that will further distinguish the Sonos experience, enhance our competitive advantage, and accelerate our future roadmap,” Spence added.

Mayht CEO Mattias Scheek was similarly enthusiastic about his company’s new chapter. “We are very excited and proud to become a part of Sonos,” he said in a statement. “Our dream has always been to set a new standard in the audio industry. The integration of our technology into Sonos products will further revolutionize high-quality sound.”

In 2016, Mattias co-founded Mayht alongside his brother Timothy Scheek (CTO); former Sony executive Max van den Berg (CCO) joined as co-founder the following year. “Timothy and I, we have been very passionate about audio since we were seven and eight years old, and our dream has always been to make the best speaker in the world, and in the end, get something that’s really for the masses,” Mattias told Billboard in January. “With our technology, you can make speakers up to 10 times smaller, or you can keep them the same size and make them 10 times more powerful.”

After reviewing several Mahyt products earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Billboard dubbed the Mayht HeartMotion & Mayht x Exeger light-powered speaker as the best hardware at the event, characterizing it as “comparable in size to an Amazon Echo Dot” but with the ability to “produce enough bass and clarity to easily rival a Sonos One.”