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Shazam to Resonate Deeper With Television

Music discovery app Shazam is looking to become more valuable to TV advertisers with a new service for branded integrations. 

The New York-based company, which is best known for its song-identification technology, has announced Resonate, a sales product that allows networks to access its technology and engaged user base of more than 140 million U.S. users. Shazam has pacted with a number of networks, including AMC, A+E and Fuse, to use the new service.

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Shazam has been integrating with television broadcasts since 2012, when it worked with more than half of Super Bowl advertisers to include Shazam capabilities during the football game. The company has also worked with American Idol and other broadcasts. Many Shazam integrations offer up exclusive branded content to viewers who use the app during a commercial or broadcast. Shazam can also send its users push notifications reminding them to watch shows based on songs they have ID’d in the past. 

With Resonate, Shazam is bringing its TV offerings under one roof. Says chief revenue officer Kevin McGurn, “We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the past two years and developed a product that will afford us the ability to hand over the reigns of the Shazam sale to network executives.”

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The company recently conducted a study with Nielsen that found that viewers had a 10 percent higher ad and brand recall for ads with Shazam than those from the same brands without the interactive component. 

Shazam has more than 75 million users in 200 countries. McGurn says there were more than 1 million Shazams during this year’s Grammys and more than 700,000 during the Super Bowl.