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Session Partners With Pro Tools to Embed Writing Credits In Recording Files

Session, the Swedish tech start-up formerly known as Auddly, has announced the launch of Creator Credits, an automated, soup-to-nuts music ecosystem that aims to help identify and properly credit…

Session, the Swedish tech start-up formerly known as Auddly, has announced the launch of Creator Credits, an automated, soup-to-nuts music ecosystem that aims to help identify and properly credit contributors to songs and recordings. The company, co-founded by songwriters Max Martin and ABBA‘s Björn Ulvaeus, has developed technology that assigns credits in the studio, then funnels that data down the chain to managers, labels, publishers, rights societies, distributors and, finally, streaming platforms.

In order to harvest that data from the jump, Session is partnering with Pro Tools maker Avid to embed its tech into the popular studio recording program. Session will then be able to automatically detect and add crucial industry identifiers for songwriters (IPI), musicians/performers (IPN), producers and editors to a recording before it embarks on the rest of its journey ending in a listeners’ ear.

From the studio, all that metadata travels with the track as it is delivered to labels and publishers. The creator identification information, along with details on their specific contributions to a recording, are assembled with the ISRC, the standard codes for identifying sound recordings, and ISWC, the composition identifier, which will help ensure proper and accurate royalty allocation down the line.  


The windfall of creator credit will also enable digital service providers such as Spotify and Apple Music to give subscribers a more robust menu of liner notes-style information for songs and albums.

“I’m convinced that the best way to involve the creators in the data collection is as early as possible in the creation process,” said Niclas Molinder, Session’s CEO, in a statement. “Session’s technology performs a short handshake with music society systems to authenticate creators and associate their vital industry identifiers with their account. When a creator walks into a Pro Tools-powered studio, their presence will be automatically detected and their identifiers, along with their typical contributions, can be easily added to a song.”

Aside from Avid, Session’s initial collaborators and supporters for the new ecosystem include Universal Music Group, Max Martin’s MXM Music and DDEX, the supply chain data standards organization.

Ulvaeus and Molinder demonstrated the platform’s functions for attendees at SXSW on Thursday during a panel called “Providing the Missing Links.” The event also featured UMG evp of content strategy and operations Barak Moffitt, Avid director of audio product management Francois Quereuil and Phil Sant, chief engineer at Stage.


“UMG is proud to work with Session’s team to make the process of assigning credits even easier and to ensure that the important work of contributors to songs and recordings are widely available,” said Moffitt in a statement. “In addition to our own efforts, we have been working closely with Bjorn and Niclas for a couple years on the development of this platform as part of our commitment to a robust and effective crediting system for the benefit of the entire music ecosystem.”

Quereuil added that Avid was excited to take on the “challenges associated with capturing and recognizing creators’ credits in an increasingly complex digital world.”

The past two years have also seen Session (Auddly) enter into partnerships with collective management orgs PPL and SAMI; ASCAP; U.K. performance rights organization PRS for Music; its Swedish counterpart STIM, and Universal Music Publishing Group, which was the first major publisher to team up with the data hub.

Peter Leathem (PPL), Niclas Molinder (Session), Susan Butler (Music Confidential), Phil Sant (Stage) Bjorn Ulvaeus (ABBA, Session), Barak Moffitt (Universal Music Group), and Francois Quereuil (AVID) Courtesy of Session