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Russian Media Outlet Accuses Google of Political Censorship

As the controversy over Russia-linked content on U.S. websites continues, Russian online news outlet Federal News Agency accused Google of political censorship as its stories no longer show in Google News' search results.

"FNA staff believe that that blocking of Google News users' access to content from Federal News Agency is an act of political censorship in the interest of the US government, aimed at restricting information on fighting international terrorism," the news outlet said in a statement.

"To force Google to observe Russian and international law, the staff of Federal News Agency is preparing addresses to the [Russian] Anti-Monopoly Service and other government agencies, as well as a lawsuit," it went on to say.

FNA has a special focus on the military operation in Syria and an armed conflict between Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russian rebels in East Ukraine, taking a pro-Kremlin stance.

FNA is allegedly linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian entrepreneur affected by anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the U.S., media group RBC reported earlier.

A few other news outlets reportedly linked to Prigozhin no longer show in Google News search results, either.

The move follows Twitter's ban on ads from Kremlin-funded RT and Sputnik and is likely to be another step by U.S. tech giants aimed at blocking suspicious Russia-linked content