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Rob Wells, Former Digital Leader for Universal Music, Joins App Startup Crowdmix

Rob Wells, the former BMG mailroom employee who rose over fourteen years to become the head of digital for Universal Music Group before his departure earlier this year, has announced his next move. The digital exec will be the new Global Chief Commercial Officer and CEO, Americas for social music startup Crowdmix.

The app, set to launch early next year, is an amorphously defined set of social features which is hoping to unify “an otherwise fragmented social media landscape,” offering music fans and artists a mechanism for “discovering, sharing and socialising music… seamlessly.” The company has drawn $27 million in one funding round according to CruchBase, and says it is poised to close another $20 million round by the end of this year.

In a statement, Wells says of his new job: “Initially skeptical, I quickly became incredibly excited by the scale of Crowdmix’s ambition, its ridiculously talented tech team, music industry support, strong funding and vision to give fans the social experience they crave.” The last we heard from Wells, he had joined the advisory board of LoveLive.

Wells was a streaming evangelist even in the market’s early stages, often defending Spotify in particular when arguments arose over whether streaming was cannibalizing record sales. Prior to and after his exit from UMG, the company has made plain that it expects freemium to become a less feature- and content-rich gateway towards driving subscriber numbers to streaming services.