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Former AEG Live Touring Exec Rob Hallett Unveils ‘Disruptive’ New Venture

Rob Hallett, former president of international touring at AEG Live, has revealed details of his music business venture, entitled Robomagic.

Rob Hallett, former president of international touring at AEG Live, has revealed details of his music business venture, entitled Robomagic.

A press release describes the London-based company as being a “new disruptive business model on the existing landscape of [the] traditional music industry” and outlines the three areas of focus that will drive the enterprise.

The first, Robomagic Live, will be “a boutique operation” utilizing a global network of independent promoters to produce domestic and global tours for “some of the biggest artists in the world.”

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In addition to working with established and A-list talent, Robomagic will also look to forge 360 degree deals with emerging artists “acting as a guide for both young talented artistes and executives through the jungle that has grown up around the industry in recent years.”

The third division is Robomagic Capital, an investment arm which will offer both emerging and established artists finance to develop their business, including recording costs, whilst retaining the rights to their music.

Funding options will also be made available to independent promoters to enable them to “compete with the multinational promoting powerhouses.”

“After 35 years in this industry I am excited to finally be at the helm of my own company and be in a position to make a difference,” said Hallett in a statement.

“The desire to make the lives of both established and aspiring artistes much fairer and more equitable is at the heart of the company. We can be nimble in an industry notoriously encumbered by bureaucracy and, most importantly deliver an excellent deal,” Hallett went on to say, adding that his aims for Robomagic are to “compete with the biggest in the business and provide a real alternative to the current system.”

The name Robomagic derives from the 1973 Kurt Vonnegut novel “Breakfast of Champions,” which features a company called The Robo-Magic Corporation of America, explained Hallett.

The press release went on to state that alongside the company’s investment and touring operations, Robomagic “is looking to acquire and grow publishing catalogues across the board.”

During Hallett’s 10-year reign at AEG Live, the seasoned exec was responsible for overseeing global treks (excluding North America) for Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Usher and Black Eyed Peas, as well as Prince‘s 21-night run of shows at London’s 20,000-capacity the O2 arena in 2007.

Hallett also looked after three Bon Jovi stadium tours of Europe, including the band’s eight outdoor dates in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of its 2013 record-breaking “Because We Can” tour. He also oversaw the debut of AEG Live’s central London-based festival “British Summertime at Hyde Park,” having won the Hyde Park tender from fierce rivals Live Nation.

He exited AEG Live in April 2014 with about a year left on his contract.

“The business has changed so much in the last 10 years since I founded AEG in the U.K. There are so many more opportunities out there, and I want to take advantage of them. AEG is a great company, but they want to stay promoters and real estate, and I want to grow,” he told Billboard shortly after his departure from the live entertainment giant.