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Ricardo Arjona to Livestream From Guatemala, Illuminated by 5,000 Candles: Exclusive

Guatemalan star Ricardo Arjona, a top Latin touring act, will livestream a single concert from the historic city of Antigua.

Ricardo Arjona, one of Latin music’s top touring acts, will livestream a single concert from the historic city of Antigua, in his native Guatemala.

“Hecho a la Antigua,” a play on words that translates to “Made the Old Fashioned Way” (the word “Antigua” literally means “ancient”), will livestream at 9 p.m. April 10. Tickets to the show go on sale on Wednesday, March 10.

Known for tours that feature stunning staging and visuals, Arjona is looking to push the envelope with “Hecho a la Antigua.” Beyond the exquisite locale — Antigua is famously beautiful — the actual concert will stream from the circular patio of the 18th century church and convent of Las Capuchinas, with special care taken to work with the natural acoustics of the monument.


More than 30 musicians will be flown in for the performance, and, most impressive of all, the show’s lighting will be provided entirely by more than 5,000 candles. According to Arjona’s team, there will be no artificial lighting used at all.

Tickets will be priced at $15, and those who purchase their tickets the first week of on-sale will also be able to partake in a conversation with Arjona following the concert.

Arjona, who’s been releasing his music independently on his own label, Metamorfosis, for the past few years (distributed by The Orchard) has also built a loyal online following and regularly releases music and premium content exclusively to subscribing fans on his website. That strategy may translate very successfully to strong ticket sales for his first-ever livestream.

Arjona regularly fills arenas in the United States, but his top touring markets are Argentina and Mexico, both places where live shows have been shuttered since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Hecho a la Antigua” is being produced by Fenix Entertainment Group in partnership with Metamorfosis. The concert will stream for a single time on