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Residente Debuts on Social 50 Chart Thanks to Autobiographical Song ‘René’

After releasing his new song "René," Residente debuts on the Social 50 chart at No. 29 in the week ending March 5. 

Weeks after releasing his autobiographical song “René,” Residente makes his debut on the Social 50 chart in the week ending March 5.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter saw a spike on Twitter with 78,000 mentions, up 1,141%, and 60,000 Twitter reactions, according to the Next Big Sound, up 911%.

Additionally, the rapper’s Wikipedia page views cross 81,000 in all, a boost of 4,912%, and, currently, the song debuts at No.34 on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs chart with 1,000 digital downloads and 3 million streams, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.


“René” was released Feb. 27 under Sony Music. The song exposes a personal side of the former Calle 13 member, where he touches on depression, censorship and wanting to leave Puerto Rico.

“It’s not always easy for a human being to share this very personal information but he’s always been sincere,” Afo Verde, chairman & CEO Latin America, Spain and Portugal at Sony Music. “I’ve worked with him since Calle 13 and I admire him for his honesty in all his project. He’s the type of artist that we need to take care of and protect.”

Nelson “Polo” Montalvo, Residente’s manager and president of La Buena Fortuna, thinks the song had such a big impact because it’s the reality of a lot of artists. “He was able to transport us to a state of nostalgia,” Montalvo says. “It’s the reality we live in daily and it’s the reality of a lot of artists, actors and people in general who have to travel. It’s a song that hits close to home.”

Verde echoes that. “We all have a story, we have a past and sometimes it isn’t easy to admit or share the realities that we’re living and he was courageous enough to do it. That’s why so many were able to relate.”

Over the weekend, Residente, visibly emotional, performed “René” for the first time live at the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Power to the People! festival alongside Gustavo Dudamel and the L.A. Phil.

“The song had an even deeper meaning because of the ambiance in the room. To be able to hear the song for the first time live with maestro Dudamel and the philharmonic, it was a magical and impactful. Something I will never forget,” adds Montalvo.

The Sony Music exec was also with Residente during his concert with the L.A. Phil and says Residente is “very happy and excited to see that so many people have identified with the song. That’s so important for him and other artists, for their fans to connect with something so personal. He just really wanted to sing it in Los Angeles and sing it in front of people.”