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Red Velvet Debut on the Canadian Hot 100

Red Velvet conquer new chart territory with their single "Bad Boy" making its debut on the Canadian Hot 100 this week.

Red Velvet conquer new chart territory with their single “Bad Boy” making its debut on the Canadian Hot 100 this week.

The girl group’s R&B-inspired track bows at No. 87 this week, marking the band’s first appearance on Canada’s main singles chart. Notably, Red Velvet become just the seventh K-pop act to appear on the tally and just the third female act overall.


The history of K-pop artists on the Canadian Hot 100 is shorter than that of its American counterpart (the Billboard Hot 100), but it is more diverse and dynamic in its activity. PSY was the first K-pop act to bow with his viral hit “Gangnam Style,” which led the Canadian Hot 100 for seven weeks, and he would rack two more hits with 2013’s “Gentleman” (which peaked at No. 9) and late 2015 entry “Daddy” featuring CL (No. 36). EXO was the one act to chart before CL did when their 2015 single “Call Me Baby” hit No. 98 in late April. Since then, BTS, Blackpink and BIGBANG have all landed songs on the ranking with BTS and Blackpink both earning multiple entries. Comparatively, the first K-pop act charted on the U.S.-based Hot 100 in 2009, but only four artists have since landed songs on the ranking.

Notably, this week on the Canadian Hot 100 marks the first time two Korean acts have simultaneously charted, as Red Velvet are on the chart as is BTS’ “Mic Drop” featuring Desiigner, which spends its 11th week on the chart, falling from No. 85 to No. 86. 

The news of Red Velvet’s Canadian success is likely particularly exciting for member Wendy, who moved from her home country of South Korea to Canada when she studied abroad in Ontario. The young star was discovered by her current Korean label home SM Entertainment when they held auditions in Canada.

All in all, “Bad Boy” is looking to be the girl group’s biggest international hit with an official hit single in Canada, a No. 2 peak on the K-Pop Hot 100 chart, as well as the group’s biggest U.S. sales week for a song. Watch one of the latest live performances of the track below: