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RAC Launches Platform for Holders Of His Social Token

"This is just the beginning," the producer says of his latest web3 project.

As NFTs show promise in revolutionizing the way artists control their music and connect with fans, leading music world NFT proponent RAC is expanding his offerings in the web3 realm.

Today (Feb. 10), the producer (born André Allen Anjos) is announcing racOS, an artist and fan-controlled platform that provides a space where holders of his token, $RAC, can connect with each other and access myriad experiences.

To access racOS, $RAC token holders connect their wallet to verify holdings and unlock benefits, which currently include exclusive music playlists and a portal to, a press release notes, a “decentraland experience exclusive to token holders.” racOS is also making it possible for RAC Patreon subscribers to claim $RAC tokens each month commensurate with their Patreon membership tier.


Inspired by a ’90s operating system aesthetic, racOS will be RAC’s main website. The project is a partnership with tech incubator HIFI Labs.

“I’m so excited to unveil the latest update to $RAC,” Anjos says. “It’s another chapter in reshaping the creator economy and engaging with my fans in the most direct way without a sea of intermediaries. This is just the beginning.”

Indeed, web3 technology is a current gold rush territory for tech savvy artists, with NFTs, social tokens and DAOs offering ways for artists to engage their fanbases without the need for centralized platforms. web3 is also opening up ways for artists to split royalties (and earn income) by minting their music as NFTs and selling these NFTs directly to fans. The historically tech savvy electronic scene has been a leader of the web3 rise within the music industry.

Based in Portland, Anjos launched $RAC in October 2020, with the social token minted on the Ethereum blockchain as a way for his fans to connect without the need fo platforms like Twitch.

“The term ‘direct-to-fan’ has been overused and under-delivered on for too long; and for the first time in the history of the internet, we’re finally seeing this lofty idea begin to materialize for artists,” says HIFI Labs CEO & co-founder Joe Barham. “At HIFI Labs, we’re building for a future in which artists – not platforms – own the networks, communities, fan experiences, and relationships that revolve around their artistic vision; and we believe that DAOs offer artists the first true opportunity to build, manage, and collaborate with their fans.”

Anjos, who has done remixes for artists including Lana del Rey and Phoenix, has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for years. As of October 2021, he’d grossed nearly $1 million worth of NFT sales, including a nearly $700,000 profit for a collection released in conjunction with his March 2021 EP, YOU.