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Prince’s 23 Catalog Albums From 1995 to 2010 Are Now Available to Stream

The 23 albums released today -- not counting "Anthology" -- represent the first wave of digital catalog releases.

Prince’s works just got a royal rollout.  

A raft of the late artist’s albums from the years 1995-2010 have dropped in full across digital music platforms, in addition to the Anthology, which was assembled and curated with the Prince estate and comprises tracks from the era.   

The 23 albums now available (not counting Anthology) represent a first wave of digital catalog releases, including rare and out-of-print recordings, that include The Gold Experience (from 1995), Emancipation (1996), The Rainbow Children (2001), Musicology (2004), Planet Earth (2007), 20Ten (2010) and more. Today’s Prince bonanza adds more than 300 songs to the Purple One’s online offering for the first time.     


The posthumous campaign comes after Prince’s estate and Sony Music Entertainment announced in June an exclusive distribution agreement that covers 35 of the icon’s previously-released efforts, which weren’t widely accessible through streaming platforms and DSPs. Other titles from 1978-2015 will be re-issued in years to come.

Issued through NPG Records and Legacy Recordings, the Anthology collection features 37 songs and, like the other 23 LPs, was staggered for a midnight release around the globe. Stream Anthology below.

The first wave of Prince catalogue titles issued digitally via Sony Music Entertainment/Legacy:
1. The Gold Experience (1995) (“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” greyed out, partial album streaming only; album unavailable for download)
2. Chaos and Disorder (1996)
3. Emancipation (1996)
4. Crystal Ball (1998)
5. The Truth (1998)
6. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999)
7. Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (2001)
8. The Rainbow Children (2001)
9. One Nite Alone… (2002)
10. One Nite Alone…Live! (2002)
11. One Nite Alone…Live – The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over (Up Late with Prince & The NPG) (2002)
12. Xpectation (2003)
13. N.E.W.S. (2003)
14. C-Note (2004)
15. Musicology (2004)
16. The Chocolate Invasion (Trax from the NPG Music Club: Volume 1) (2004)
17. The Slaughterhouse (Trax from the NPG Music Club: Volume 2) (2004)
18. 3121 (2006)
19. Planet Earth (2007)
20. Indigo Nights (2008)
21. LOtUSFLOW3R (2009)
22. MPLSoUND (2009)
23. 20Ten (2010)
24. Prince Anthology: 1995-2010