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Primary Wave in Gospel Push With Gaither Music Group Partnership

Primary Wave Music Publishing announced their partnership with Gaither Music Group.

Primary Wave Music Publishing announced their partnership with Gaither Music Group on Thursday (Feb. 7). Primary Wave hopes to expand into Gospel and Christian music and will provide Gaither with the resources to develop new artists and aquire assets.

“In the more than five decades that Gaither Music has been in business, they have proven themselves to be an exceptional and impressive music company,” said Lawrence Mestel, founder and ceo of Primary Wave Music Publishing, in a statement. “When we look at companies to partner with and invest in, we are looking for teams with ambition, who want to be at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry, and we have found that with Gaither Music. We look forward to working together with Bill, Gloria, Paul, Barry and everyone else who make up the incredible Gaither Music Group and are excited about what’s to come.”


The Gaither executive team will be in charge of the expansion. Paul Sizelove continues as president, with Barry Jennings as vice chairman, and Bill and Gloria Gaither retaining their creative roles. The new partnership provides Gaither access to Primary Wave’s marketing, branding and digital team alonside other departments for help with licensing and synching. 

“We’ve accomplished a great deal over the years, but this relationship will bring wonderful opportunities to go beyond our current reach,” added Bill Gaither. “We are excited to be partnering with Primary Wave and have them help us take the universal message of our music to a broader audience.  How thrilling at this stage of our lives to think that we have a chance to give these incredible songs and projects an expanded presence.”