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Sire Records Signs PRETTYMUCH Following Syco Music Closure: Exclusive

PRETTYMUCH, the pop group formed by Simon Cowell under his label Syco Entertainment in 2016, has signed to Warner Music Group imprint Sire Records, marking the start of a "new era," according to the…

PRETTYMUCH, the pop group which Simon Cowell launched under his label Syco Entertainment in 2017, has signed to Warner Records imprint Sire Records, marking the start of a “new era,” according to the group’s members.

The five members — Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara and Austin Porter — were originally pursuing solo careers until Syco founder Cowell approached them about creating a group in 2016. PRETTYMUCH debuted in 2017 with the single “Would You Mind,” and have since released three EPs with Syco, sold out two headlining tours (also opening for Khalid) and worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran and French Montana.

The new signing follows an announcement in July that Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment would be ending the 11-year joint venture which created Syco, with Sony Music to retain the JV’s back catalog and roster of artists.


The group has quickly been scooped up by Sire. Label president Rani Hancock tells Billboard that she has always been drawn to PRETTYMUCH because the members are “quadruple threats”: Singers, songwriters, producers and performers. A meeting with the band and their management team at KYN Entertainment, former Syco president Sonny Takhar and Mitch Eisner, sealed the deal.

“I have always admired PRETTYMUCH, so when Sonny reached out I was excited to meet them, and meeting them impressed me even more,” Hancock says. “I knew they were great singers and performers but quickly found out they are also impressive songwriters, producers, photographers, choreographers, and more. They are truly the architects of their own sound and vision and an unstoppable force.”

Arreaga says that the feeling was mutual, since he had “always wanted to be respected as a producer/songwriter.” “At Sire, they’ve shown so much interest in my work and even helped shape small ideas into full songs that I hadn’t seen the potential in,” he adds. “For us, it’s important that we remember to always keep evolving and always keep pushing the boundaries of what we’re capable of.”


With a fresh record deal under their belt, PRETTYMUCH is set to release their first new music since 2019’s INTL:EP in the coming year. The group joins a roster at Sire that includes Cavetown, Bryce Vine and Tegan and Sara.

“We have been through ups and downs these past few years. We’ve learned a lot and really built a foundation that really set us up for the next chapter of PRETTYMUCH,” Mara says. “Our relationship as brothers has gotten even stronger and Sire sees that chemistry and authenticity. They really take our growth and our new vision into account and we feel they’re going to give us the right representation to make PRETTYMUCH live up to its full potential.”

Adds Honoret: “I lucked out by finding four brothers who happen to be the best teammates in the world, but to create an empire, you need a bigger team that is not only willing to challenge you but also make your visions come to life. Sire Records really sees things the way we see things and has the same vision for PRETTYMUCH’s success as we do. This just means the empire is on its way.”