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Pentatonix Sign With YM&U for Management as Group Shops for New Label Deal

The firm's Peter Katsis and Joel Mark have come aboard to co-manage the a cappella group as their eight-year stint with RCA Records is set to expire.

Pentatonix has moved to YM&U for management, the company tells Billboard. The singing group – comprised of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee – are co-managed by the firm’s Peter Katsis and Joel Mark. They were formerly managed by Jonathan Kalter at The MGMT Company.

Pentatonix quietly joined the YM&U roster over six months ago, with longtime day-to-day manager Sara Baczewski (formerly at The MGMT Company) in tow. The group is currently working on new music – though, with their current RCA Records deal set to expire in April after eight years, it’s uncertain who will release it. “We are currently in discussions with a number of top labels, including RCA,” says Katsis.


Since joining YM&U, Pentatonix has continued to thrive as a live act. According to the firm, the group boasted the eighth highest-grossing U.S. tour in December, with the Evergreen Christmas tour, and saw a 41% increase in ticket sales over 2019, during which they were in the midst of Pentatonix: The World Tour.

Though best known for their Christmas music – Pentatonix has put out a total of six holiday albums to date, including last year’s Evergreen, released on Oct. 29 – one emphasis for Katsis and Mark will be to broaden the way the group is perceived.

“I think a lot of people in the music industry think of them [as a holiday act] because their Christmas songs are so big and their streaming numbers are so big over the holidays,” says Katsis. “But their ticket sales are the same year-round, and I don’t think that story’s been told. If you were to look up their ticket sales, you would realize, ‘Oh, yeah, they sell just as many tickets in Australia in February as they do in Dallas in December.’”

Highlighting the group members’ multi-faceted talents will be a core of the strategy going forward. “It’s really connecting those dots over the next couple years, with releases, touring, TV/film, so that people really start to get to know this band more than just the songs they’re hearing in a playlist,” says Mark, adding that fans can expect to see scripted and unscripted TV projects from the group – who rose to fame after winning Season 3 of NBC’s The Sing-Off – going forward.

Increasing the group’s visibility has been a primary area of focus, and as a result, Pentatonix has had no shortage of appearances on major TV shows. Over the holiday season alone, the band performed on shows including The Queen Tribute and Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade on ABC, NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center, The Today Show and The Ellen Show. YM&U has also been working to build up Pentatonix’s presence on social platforms, with a particular emphasis on TikTok, where the firm says the group racked up an additional 1.5 million followers between late September, when the Evergreen album was first announced, and late December – a 120% increase. Along with their plethora of TV appearances, that’s the kind of added visibility that Katsis and Mark are hoping will catapult the group to even greater heights.

“I think one of the keys is that they’re talented enough to make it on any level with pop music,” says Katsis. “And they should not be limited to being the biggest holiday group.”