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Dua Lipa and Foo Fighters Open Up While Guest DJing on Pandora’s Most Popular Stations: Exclusive

Pandora tapped Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters and Florida Georgia Line to take over their most popular stations for the Artist Takeovers series Friday (Feb…

Pandora tapped Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters and Florida Georgia Line to take over their most popular stations for the Artist Takeovers series Friday (Feb. 12).

The biggest names in music will guest DJ Pandora’s most popular genre stations as part of the new feature. Artist Takeovers allow artists to select a mix of their own hits and their personal favorites by other artists while providing exclusive background commentary on their song choices.

Artist Takeovers are an extension of Pandora Modes, where listeners can customize their listening experiences with various modes that give them control over the types of songs played. Fans can continue listening to their favorite selections from each Artist Takeover in Pandora Stories playlists.

The latest assembly of Artist Takeovers include The Pop-Up with Dua Lipa on Today’s Hits, The Listening Room with Florida Georgia Line on Today’s Country, and Backstage with Foo Fighters on Today’s Alternative and Today’s Hard Rock.


Lipa continues celebrating her hit-spawning sophomore album Future Nostalgia, which received a Moonlight Edition upgrade Friday, by playing “Love Again,” her Billboard Hot 100 No. 5 hit “Levitating,” “Break My Heart,” and two versions of her No. 2 smash “Don’t Start Now” — the standard edition and the version she performed live in LA in 2019.

“I love this version because I always love creating new worlds around songs that you’ve already heard and getting to create a very fun live version with the string section,” she comments during The Pop-Up. “And just creating it in itself was just such a blast. And, you know, having the song be reimagined and in this way is how I almost want to do all my songs, but I can’t, unfortunately. It takes me back to a really fun time.”

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters also reminisces on performing live during Backstage with Foo Fighters. He says the thing he misses the most about it “is the connection to the audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the nosebleeds and crushed up against the front barrier. Like I can see you. My favorite thing about being there with you is just that we like connect in that moment, you know, like it’s real.”

Like Lipa, Florida Georgia Line also dropped new music, their highly anticipated fifth studio album Life Rolls On, on Friday. But the country duo tells the story about how recording the title track encouraged them to make “Life Rolls On” the name of the whole project during The Listening Room with Florida Georgia Line.

“This record had a whole ‘nother title we were shooting for. I don’t know if we had 100% landed on it, but we had a working title for the album that we thought was going to be it, but then ‘Life Rolls On’ — we knew we had to record it,” says FGL in between playing the new songs from their record. “And that song hits you with so many emotions. It’s kind of happy, it’s kind of sad, kind of has a party thing in the chorus, it’s kind of spiritual. And those songs that connect on all of those layers of emotions are extra special. We just had to latch on to it, get in the studio and make it our own. It just kind of became the title of the project. And life does roll on. Good, bad, and ugly. Everything. It’s always rolling.”

New Artist Takeovers will debut each month on Pandora across various genres.