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Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform Grew 688% in the Past Year

Pandora is marking the five-year anniversary of its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), and to celebrate they're sharing a few key moments in the service's evolution -- while reporting a hefty increase…

Pandora is marking the five-year anniversary of its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), celebrating with a few key moments in the service’s evolution — while reporting a hefty usage increase over the past year. 

“We take great pride in empowering creators to grow their careers so it’s been amazing to see the engagement of AMP by the entire creator community,” reads a blog post on Pandora’s website Wednesday (Oct. 22). “In the last 12 months alone, we’ve seen 688% YOY [year-over-year] increase of AMP usage by creators engaging with the platform.”

Launched in 2014, AMP is a free, self-serve suite of marketing tools for artists that allows them to directly submit their music or podcasts to Pandora (Independent Artist Submission and Pandora for Podcasters), communicate directly with fans (Artist Audio Messages), expand the reach of their music (Featured Tracks) and curate unique mixes of musical tracks and podcast-style exclusive content (Pandora Stories). In addition, artists are given access to data insights such as streams, station adds and monthly listeners directly through AMP, while more enhanced analytics are available through the streaming service’s Next Big Sound.


One of the first tools introduced, Artist Audio Messages (AAMs), has proven a fruitful endeavor for the streaming service, with over 4.5 billion audio impressions of AAMs — including by A-listers like Lizzo and Anderson .Paak — having been recorded since launch. Over the past five years, enhancements to the tool have included the addition of geo-targeting via integrations with ticketing providers including Songkick, Eventbrite and Ticketmaster as well as an Audience Map feature that allows artists see where their fans are concentrated throughout the United States.

Launched in February this year, Pandora Stories has also seen its share of use by high-profile users, from country singer Ned LeDoux to Olivia Wilde, who discussed how she chose the songs featured in her directorial debut Booksmart using the tool. The recently-launched Pandora for Podcasters, meanwhile, utilizes Pandora’s “Genome” technology to make it easier for podcast creators to get their content heard by Pandora users.

“We’re excited to expand and improve the creator experience on Pandora even further going forward,” the blog post continues, “continuing with our mission of equipping creators to build their careers and grow their audience.”


You can access Pandora AMP here

Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform Grew 688%
     Courtesy of Pandora