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P-MRC Data Rebrands as Luminate

The newly-renamed company "will eventually span across all major media categories," says Luminate CEO Rob Jonas.

Music and entertainment data and analytics company P-MRC Data is rebranding as Luminate, it was announced on Wednesday (March 16).

As Luminate, the company will offer the same dataset encompassing music sales, consumption and consumer engagement, along with production metadata on the film and TV business, while continuing to create or incorporate additional fully validated data sources.

Luminate powers Billboard‘s music charts and counts virtually every top-tier entertainment company as a client.

The name and branding change marks an evolution for the company as it expands more broadly in entertainment.


“We re-conceived this brand as the industry’s central and most trusted source for all of entertainment’s verified strategic and operational data. The name represents our mission to bring clarity and insight to a complex and evolving industry,” said Rob Jonas, CEO of Luminate. He added that the company has begun to incorporate its “tent-pole products,” MRC Data and Variety Business Intelligence, “into the most comprehensive entertainment analytics offering, which will eventually span across all major media categories, while comprehensively managing the rights of our ecosystem data partners and contributors.”

Luminate recently launched Global Hits, which tracks top-performing songs across 48 countries and offers comparison and analysis across regions. The company will also release a unified, cross-industry analytics platform later this year.

The announcement coincides with Jonas’ keynote address at SXSW on Wednesday (March 16).