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Town Hall Event Planned By Publishers, Songwriters in Response to Spotify’s CRB Rate Appeal

In response to Spotify's unannounced, rumored plans to hold an event in Nashville and Los Angeles to explain why it's appealing the Copyright Royalty Board's mechanical rate determination, the National Music Publishers Association and the Nashville Songwriters Association International are holding a town hall of their own in Nashville, on April 10, to discuss "what’s happening in Washington."

The NMPA/NSAI event is billed as as a "fair and open discussion" and Amazon, Pandora and Google, who are fighting alongside Spotify, are welcome to join the event, according to the announcement.

Accompanying the invitation being sent to songwriters is the news that beers and sliders will be served at that event, which will take place that Wednesday between 3:30 and 5 PM. The announcement implies that the event was inspired by Spotify’s plans "to host a songwriter town hall to explain why they’re taking you to court to lower your rates. Since they don’t seem to be moving forward, the NMPA & NSAI are inviting you and Spotify to a Nashville Songwriter Town Hall."


Spotify has not publicly announced or confirmed it is having a town hall, although sources suggest that they may still be planning such an event. The company declined to comment for this story.

"We think Spotify had a great idea," says NMPA president and CEO David Israelite. "As the date we have heard that might happen has come and gone, we thought we would invite them and other digital companies to come to ours and they will have equal time."

Israelite says the NMPA will make a presentation and then conduct a question and answer session with songwriters. If the digital services wish to attend, he says his organization is willing to negotiate a format for the event that they'll be comfortable with. He also said the NMPA plans to live stream the event so non-Nashville songwriters can watch. For writers who want to physically attend, there is an RSVP to leah@nashvillesongwriters.com; and the flyer ends with #AskSpotifyWhy.