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Nipsey Hussle Teams Up With Recording Academy For ‘#NoCover’ Documentary

On Thursday (Oct. 4), Nipsey Hussle debuted his new documentary #NoCover in West Hollywood.

It’s been a groundbreaking year for Los Angeles MC Nipsey Hussle. This past February, his major label debut album Victory Lap peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and his acclaimed LP is garnering Grammy buzz. On Thursday (Oct. 4), he teamed up with the Recording Academy for #NOCOVER — a new documentary series that takes a look at what goes into putting together a concert experience. Swanky West Hollywood digs played home to the screening as


Reporters and industry professionals gathered in West Hollywood for an early look along with a chance to speak with Hussle about the process.

Breaking down how he teamed up with the Academy, Hussle said, “It’s something that Brittany [Bell] at [Atlantic] brought to us as a concept while we were on the road. It was something unique; it was a different approach to covering a tour. When I saw it back, I was impressed. They really captured a moment.” The documentary centers around how Nipsey prepared for the first stop of his Victory Lap Tour at Irving Plaza in New York last June. “I liked the idea of just breaking down the kickoff show of a tour from the artist’s perspective [and] really showing what’s on the artist’s mind while you’re getting ready for your first show of your first album’s tour.”

The documentary gives a creative glimpse of what goes into ticket prices as the viewer is given a live tally of the tour expenses. For the Victory Lap Tour, those expenses pay off in the form of Nip being able to tour with his band for the first time. “I’ve done shows in LA with a band but this the first time we took [the band] across the whole schedule with us. The album is real musical. Its got a lot of musical layers throughout, so I wanted to make sure that when people came to the show, they got that 3D experience.”

Hussle is in his element working with the band. His enjoyment and comfort shines bright as we’re given a look at rehearsal and live show footage. “It was like an extension of the production process of actually making the music, being in the studio [and] picking which sounds you wanna keep and where you wanna put them during the actual production process of the song,” Hussle relayed. “Getting in rehearsals and having the live band there is like dealing with the producer of the music. It’s like creating a unique version of the song for the stage but I can’t take that full credit. Mars and Larrance from 1500 Or Nothin’ played a big role in just getting it together for me.”

#NOCOVER debuts Tuesday (Oct. 9) on the Grammy’s website.