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Nicky Jam to Open a Brunch Restaurant in Miami: ‘It’s Going To Be Incredible & Delicious’

During the pandemic, Nicky Jam bought a school building, kicked off his talk show, starred in a movie, and will soon open his own restaurant in Miami. 

Nicky Jam is not afraid to reinvent himself during the pandemic, having invested in a school building, launching his own celebrity talk show, forming part of the Tom & Jerry movie, and now, opening his own restaurant.

The Puerto Rican artist, known for hits such as “El Amante,” “El Perdedor,” and “Polvo,” shared a photo of himself wearing a black apron and holding two plates of loaded pancakes, officially announcing his new venture.

Named after his management company and located in the heart of Miami’s downtown, he revealed: “We’ll soon open ‘La Industria Bakery and Cafe’ in Bayside Marketplace.”


Nicky first announced his restaurant idea at the 2020 Latin Music Week last fall.

“It’s going to be a bakery and brunch bistro. We’re going to do a bunch of franchises,” he told Billboard’s Leila Cobo. “I went to a Venezuelan restaurant and I really loved what they did and they gave me an idea. I wanted to do a restaurant where people go and take photos of their breakfast and it’s going to be so incredible, and so nice, and so delicious that people are gonna go crazy. I’m going to take a bunch of artists over there. Bayside is going to be a hit no matter what.”

On his Instagram Stories, Nicky announced that “La Industria Bakery and Café” is now hiring baristas, cooks, servers, and more. For those interested, email laindustriabakery@gmail.com.