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The Neighbourhood Score Best On-Demand Streaming Weeks Yet For ‘Sweater Weather’ & ‘Daddy Issues’

The two songs, from eight and four years ago, respectively, have grown in consumption every week for the past two months.

In the streaming era, it’s becoming more and more common for older songs by veteran bands to experience new resurgences in popularity — often either due to seasonal relevance (like Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”) or to a new viral resurgence (like Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”). And in the case of 2010s California rock band The Neighbourhood, they’re currently enjoying a revival with a pair of old songs, thanks to both reasons.

The group’s biggest hit, 2012’s autumnal “Sweater Weather,” has seen its streaming consumption increase dramatically as the weather has chilled. Over the ten-week period spanning the tracking week of Aug. 21-27 to this past tracking week (Oct. 23-29), the song has grown in total on-demand streams every week, rising from 3.2 million in late August to now 5 million — an overall gain of 56%. Aside from its obvious seasonal appropriateness, the song has also been featured in a number of recent TikTok videos, including an animated clip from user Deepins that has over 23 million views.


Meanwhile, a non-official single from the group’s back catalog — 2015’s “Daddy Issues” — has similarly seen its metrics rising every week. That’s also thanks to its popularity on TikTok, where videos using the transition to the song’s “go ahead and cry, little girl…” chorus have recently been omnipresent. Over the same timespan as mentioned for “Sweater Weather,” the song has risen from 2.4 million weekly on-demand streams in late August to 3.8 million this past week, a gain of 58%.

Both the 5.0 million on-demand streams for “Sweater Weather” and the 3.8 million for “Daddy Issues” mark respective career highs for the two songs. The previous streaming high-water mark for “Sweater Weather” — which was originally released in the early Spotify, pre-Apple Music days of streaming’s relative infancy, and peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in Dec. 2013 — had come in late August of 2019, with 4.3 million streams. In the case of “Daddy Issues,” which never made the Hot 100 but peaked at No. 37 on Billboard‘s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart in Nov. 2015, the song has set a new weekly career high in on-demand streams each of the past 10 weeks.

The streaming resurgence of “Sweater Weather” has also led to it debuting on Billboard‘s Global 200 chart. It’s been scaling the listing the past four weeks, most recently hitting a new peak of No. 134 on the new chart dated Nov. 7. Of songs on the chart that are more than five years old, only Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” (No. 21) and John Legend’s “All of Me” (No. 122) are currently higher.