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Nate Dogg’s Son Arrested on Felony Drug Charges, Suspended From College Football Team

Nate Dogg's son, Naijiel Hale, has been arrested on charges of two counts of felony distribution of dangerous drugs and and one count of misdemeanor possession.

Nate Dogg‘s son, Naijiel Hale, has been arrested on two counts of felony distribution of dangerous drugs and one count of misdemeanor possession. Hale, a junior cornerback on the Montana State University football team, was arrested along with one other player in a drug sting operation this week. 

TMZ reports that Hale helped set up multiple drug deals in February with buyers who were actually undercover police officers. On one occasion, he allegedly set up a sale of Xanax pills, directing the buyers to his teammate Darren Gardenhire to complete the purchase. Another time, Hale allegedly set up a deal at his home, where a third person delivered the drugs.


Gardenhire, who is also a cornerback on the team, has been arrested as well. According to KRTV, both players have been suspended from the MSU football team indefinitely.

Xanax is a Schedule 4 drug, the second highest level of controlled substances.

Hale and Gardenhire are roommates and used to play together on the University of Washington football team. Hale was dismissed from the UW team in 2015 over a disciplinary issue. Gardenhire left the program in 2016.


A search of the pair’s residence turned up marijuana but no other drugs, KRTV reports. Both their vehicles have been seized, awaiting search warrants.

The case’s prosecutor told the TV station that Hale and Gardenhire’s arrests are in direct relation to the arrest of fellow student Christopher Flanagan, who was charged with possession of 355 Xanax pills and other drugs, including cocaine and LSD.

A Gallatin County judge set bond for Hale at $25,000 and for Gardenhire at $20,000 on Thursday (April 6).