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Music Workflow App Bounce Launches Public Version

The web-based workflow app Bounce is now available in a public version, its makers have revealed to Billboard.

The web-based workflow app Bounce is now available in a public version, its makers have revealed to Billboard.

Developed by Godmode Music co-founders Talya Elitzer and Nick Sylvester, Bounce streamlines file sharing during a record’s creation by allowing music creators and their team to organize tracks and metadata, compare different versions, securely share demos and send and receive time-stamped, threaded feedback.


Previously available by invitation only, the public version incorporated feedback from nearly 2,000 Bounce users over two years to come up with a host of upgrades. Those include the addition of two-step biometric security features; “robust” permissioning options for commenters, collaborators and engineers; a web-based public sharing option; and rights management features that create a “paper trail” of who worked on a track, allowing each collaborator who contributes to be added to the recording’s metadata.

As Elitzer and Sylvester shared with Billboard previously, the co-founders eventually hope artists and labels can use Bounce as a vehicle to showcase multiple versions of a track — as Kanye West did with 2016’s The Life of Pablo — giving fans a look into the varied stages of the record-creation process.


“What Kanye did was, in a way, he opened up this idea of, what if recordings were performances, too?” said Sylvester at the time. “And what if you could go back to early performances? What if you could hear the voice memo of Selena Gomez walking down the street, singing a thing, or the songwriter who worked on the song singing it, and that was all part of [the release]? What value would that bring to music and how would that change how people relate to it?”

On the rights management front, Elitzer and Sylvester also hope to provide a passive income stream for artists by allowing other artists to legally sample parts of a song and build from them.

For more information and to download the iOS app, you can visit the Bounce website here. An Android version is being developed for a 2020 release.