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AI-Driven Rights Management Agency Muserk Forms Joint Venture to Reduce Piracy of Japanese Content

Muserk, the AI tech-driven global rights management agency for music and video, has partnered with leading Japanese marketing and media research company Video Research on a new joint venture designed to cut down on piracy of Japanese content worldwide.

Dubbed Muserk V.I.D., the venture “will service, manage and protect the online rights of the major broadcasters, networks, and production companies of Japan, around the world,” according to a release announcing the deal. Through the partnership with Muserk, Video Research – which provides marketing, media and TV audience research for leading media firms and advertisers in Japan – will utilize Muserk’s AI technologies, M-Match and M-PAC, to manage and protect its clients’ online video rights.


Founded by CEO Paul Goldman – who will serve as CEO of the board for Muserk V.I.D. – Muserk is able to identify digital content for rights holders through its proprietary AI technology. It currently manages rights and monetizes content in over 98 territories and 50 countries worldwide, including Japan, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, Africa and Spain. The company recently signed a partnership with Japanese musical copyright society JASRAC to be its rights administrator in the U.S., collecting mechanical rights from YouTube.

“With this joint venture and the creation of Muserk V.I.D., we expect to see less piracy of Japanese content on all platforms and an opportunity for our customers to monetize their content online through royalty collection,” said Video Research president Wataru Mochizuki in a statement. “We knew we needed a company that offered something unique to match the power of our scale for this joint venture. The passionate team at Muserk and their propriety technology M-PACTM and M-Match® make this a perfect match.”

Added Goldman, “Muserk V.I.D will work with Japanese networks, film studios and production companies to help them finally get control of their video content in the new digital ecosystem. Japan has a huge magnitude of content around the world that includes TV shows, comedy, anime, variety and more that is often put up online without authorization. Video Research is a perfect partner with intrinsic understanding of the needs of Japanese content creators.”