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Mexican Musicians Honor Morrissey on U.K. ‘Mexrrissey’ Tour

"We Mexicans like to suffer, and make people suffer," says Mexrrissey creator Camilo Lara. "Melodrama, Irony, Sarcasm. We share with Morrissey those. If Mexico's top pop art form are the telenovelas…

Mexrrissey — a live tribute by Mexican musicians to Morrissey and the “shared feelings” expressed both in his songs and in Mexican pop culture — is coming to the U.K. this spring.

Camilo Lara conceived the show with Andy Wood, director of London Latin music festival La Linea. He describes it as “mariachi, cumbia, danzon, cha-cha-cha meets Manchester.”

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Lara, the former EMI exec whose alter ego is the Latin alternative dance music project Mexican Institute of Sound, will be joined by Sergio Mendoza of Orkesta Mendoza and other Mexican musicians for the tribute.

“Mexrrissey is a show made with some amazing Mexican contemporary artists doing versions/appropriations of classic Morrissey and Smiths songs,” Lara tells Billboard. In April and May, the show will tour to London, Manchester, Cambridge and other cities in the U.K., where 2015 has been declared “The Year of Mexico.”

“There are a lot of shared feelings in Mexican music and Moz songs, so we thought it was a fantastic idea,” Lara says. “We Mexicans like to suffer and make people suffer. Melodrama, irony, sarcasm — we share those with Morrissey. If Mexico’s top pop art form are the telenovelas, you can see why Mexicans love Morrissey.”

Lara says he hopes the Mexrrissey project will extend to shows in Mexico and the United States. He doesn’t know if Moz himself might make an appearance at any of the U.K. tribute concerts.

“Fingers crossed,” Lara says. “We would love to invite him to sing the song ‘Mexico.'”

Mexrrissey debuts at the Barbican Center in London on April 25, then goes to Nottingham, Bristol, Cambridge and Coventry. The tour wraps up May 1 in Manchester.