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Morrissey Wasn’t Dropped By His Record Label

Despite a rumor that crisscrossed the world, Morrissey still has a deal.

Despite a rumor that picked up steam as it crisscrossed the world, Morrissey still has a record label.

The incorrect assertion was first put forth by Morrissey fan site True to You. The bard himself has written for the site previously, giving its assertions around Morrissey’s business dealings more ballast than the average website and fueling the fast spread — which Billboard reported — of the false reports.

In spite of that, Billboard has confirmed that Morrissey is still under contract with Harvest, the label behind his most recent album, World Peace Is None of Your Business.

A source close to the situation tells Billboard that Moz has not been dropped by Harvest/Capitol, and that his contract with the company calls for two releases, the first of which was World Peace.

Morrissey raised some hackles last week in a rambling letter — the rhetorical style most favored by the rock icon — posted to the aforementioned fan site, in which he took Harvest and Capitol Music Group chairman Steve Barnett to task for not producing music videos for World Peace. (Moz also criticizes several others for various ethical or existential infractions in the post.)

Morrissey is set to play the first show behind World Peace in Lisbon, Portugal, on Oct. 6.