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Monsta X Return to Top 10 of World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts With ‘Follow-Find You’

Even as Monsta X navigated some bumps during their new album release following the departure of member Wonho, the K-pop crossover band still see their latest bow on multiple charts this week.

Even as Monsta X navigated some bumps during their new album release, the K-pop crossover band still see their latest bow on multiple charts this week.

The boy band’s new EP titled Follow-Find You debuts at No. 10 on Billboard‘s World Albums chart, selling 1,000 copies in the week ending Oct. 31, according to Nielsen Music. This is Monsta X’s ninth entry to hit the Top 10 on the chart, though it does tie 2017’s Shine Forever as their lowest position on the tally to date; all seven of their other entries have bowed at No. 7 or higher. Monsta X has peaked at No. 1 on the chart once so far when The Clan, Pt. 2.5 [Beautiful] topped the tally in April of 2017.

Monsta X also net their seventh entry on Heatseekers Albums as Follow-Find You bows at No. 15 on the chart. To date, the group has earned seven entries on the chart that sees far fewer K-pop albums able to enter, including four Top 10s. MX peaked with Take.1: Are You There? from last year when it hit No. 6.


The guys see their new single debut at No. 5 on Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart this week as “Follow” sold 1,000 copies in the week ending Oct. 31. This is MX’s fifth song to hit the Top 5 of World Digital Song Sales. Another track off the EP “Find You,” which introduced the EP initially ahead of its release, also lands at No. 21 bringing the group’s total number of chart hits on World Digital Song Sales to 15.

While Monsta X’s most recent releases from the past year like Take.1: Are You There? and Take.2 We Are Here saw the group embracing a darker and more metal side, Follow-Find You sees the band returning to a lighter and fun sound. Introducing the EP with the serene, synth ballad in “Find You” was a major sonic switch-up for the boy band known for their hard-hitting sound and tough image, and made the release of a dynamic single like “Follow,” that recalls Monsta X’s first breakout hit “Hero” from 2015, all the more exciting.

Those two energies are represented throughout the EP as the guys serve their signature edge throughout tracks like “Monsta Truck” (with a blend of smooth groove and industrial breakdowns) and “Disaster” (a bare-bone boom-bap production allows rappers Joohoney and I.M’s aggressive delivery to shine) as more quieter moments are found on songs like acoustic-leaning R&B cut “U R” and in the warm, brassy production of “Mirror” (crafted by member Wonho who departed the group just days after Follow-Find You was released).

Watch the new video for “Follow,” with more than 11 million views in its first week out, below: