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MOGA Festival Returning to ‘Game of Thrones’ Red City, Drops Lineup With Kenny Dope, Blondish & More

Now in its third year, MOGA takes place Oct. 11-13 at the UNESCO protected World Heritage Site in Essaouira.

Essaouira, the ancient seaside village in Morocco formerly known as Mogador, will once again play host and dramatic backdrop to the MOGA Festival. Now in its third year, MOGA takes place Oct. 11-13 at the UNESCO protected World Heritage Site.

Remember that scene in the third season of Game Of Thrones where Daenerys — you know, the Mother of Dragons, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, Stormborn of House Targaryen, The Unburnt, etc., etc. — earned her famous Breaker of Chains moniker? In a giant walled courtyard, Khaleesi tricked the Slave Masters of Astapor, freeing the Unsullied army to slaughter and burn them to a crisp with a single Dracarus.

That was Essaouira, which GoT fans will recognize for both Astapor and Yunkai. This autumn, in those same ancient medina walls, attendees will hear a menagerie of talent slay the turntables.


MOGA aims for a profoundly international appeal, with artists coming in from around the globe. The lineup includes Berliners Feathered Sun, Mexico’s Sainte Vie, Cologne’s Parra For Cuva, Moscow duo Gefu, Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream family members YoKoO and Matthew Dekay, California’s Behrouz and other artists from France, the UK, Romania and more. See the complete lineup below. 

Cradled in a spectacular locale and centered at the Sofitel Mogador Golf & Spa, MOGA looks to be one of the more otherworldly festivals of the year. It also aims to offer an authentic arts festival experience by shining a light on Moroccan, Maghrebian and African national scenes. Previous years have featured DJs and artists creating and performing original tracks with local gnawa musicians, and 2019 looks to be no different.

If you’ve got your own personal list of country’s to cross off like Arya Stark, 2019 may be the year to trek to Morocco.

MOGA Festival 2019 Lineup: See It

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