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Moby Announces Second Memoir ‘Then It Fell Apart’ Detailing Dark Side of Fame

Opening up about the not-so-glamorous side of fame and money, Moby has announced the follow-up to his 2016 autobiography "Porcelain: A Memoir" -- a new anecdote-filled sequel entitled "Then It Fell…

Opening up about the not-so-glamorous side of fame and money, Moby has announced that he’s working on a new memoir titled Then It Fell Apart, set for release in June 2019.

“It’s a journey into the dark heart of fame and the demons that lurk beneath the bling and bluster of celebrity lifestyle,” the iconic producer shared on Twitter about the new narrative. Then It Fell Apart is the follow-up to Moby’s 2016 autobiography Porcelain: A Memoir.


Sober for 10 years, Moby has never been one to hide his battle with alcoholism and addiction from the public eye. On Then It Fell Apart, the star shares his inner struggles with life in the spotlight while also finding time for funny anecdotes. “In summer 1999, Moby released the album that defined the millennium, Play. Like generation-defining albums before it, Play was ubiquitous, and catapulted Moby to superstardom,” publisher Faber Books said in a press release announcing the book. “Suddenly he was hanging out with David Bowie and Lou Reed, Christina Ricci and Madonna, taking ecstasy for breakfast (most days), drinking liters of vodka (every day), and sleeping with super models (infrequently). It was a diet that couldn’t last. And then it fell apart.”

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert also weighed in with a statement accompanying the book’s announcement, writing, “Somehow this chronicle of a long, dark night of the soul also involves funny stories involving Trump, Putin, and a truly baffling array of degenerates.” Then It Fell Apart is due out June 11, 2019.

Check out Moby’s official post below.