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Competitors SoundCloud and Mixcloud Tout New Song, Curator Counts

Mixcloud boasts more than 1 million uploaders have contributed radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts to its platform.

Mixcloud, the London-based online radio company that specializes in long-form mixes — and has arisen as a competitor to SoundCloud — now boasts more than 1 million uploaders, or “curators” as they would have it. These creators have contributed radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts to its platform, with more than 10 million shows available for streaming at an average length of over an hour each. Ranking British progressive act Above & Beyond is the top curator ahead of superstar DJs John Digweed (No. 3) and Carl Cox (No. 4). House (including Deep House, Electro House and Tech House) was found to be by-far the most popular genre in terms of total minutes streamed online at 36%.


Mixcloud’s analysis of activity across its service also suggests the long tail is wagging. A third of the curators on the platform have their shows played during any given month, and listeners on average stream more than 2 million unique shows each month, according to the company.

Mixcloud Adds Two Paid Tiers

“Mixcloud already boasts the world’s largest community of music curators, and reaching this milestone only solidifies our hold on that claim,” comments Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez in a statement. “Having reached this point with a team of less than 15 people makes me incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, as well as motivated to continue our momentum,” Perez adds. “This is just the foundation for some exciting new things in store for both listeners and curators in the near future.”

In other Mixcloud news, the firm has redesigned its website and updated its mobile apps, while former Universal Music Group CTO Simon Watt is joining its advisory board.



Across the North Sea, Berlin-based music streaming service SoundCloud announced on Tuesday it now has more than 135 million unique tracks in its catalog, besting competitors like Spotify and Apple Music by 100 million-plus. That tally of course includes the expansive licensed catalogs from major and indie labels, as well as millions of “UGC” — remixes, mixes, and brand-new — songs from new and emerging artists that have made SoundCloud a discovery destination for years.

SoundCloud also said it now has one million albums — remember those? — plus 12 million artists heard each month and 175-plus listeners reached each month.

To help users sort through this catalog, SoundCloud spent the summer launching several new features that are “specifically designed to enhance your personal listening experience.” In June, the service introduced Suggested Tracks, a discovery feature that builds on your listening history to find similar songs you’ve never heard before. In July, SoundCloud made it easier for creators to organize playlists as Albums, giving listeners more ways to discover an artist’s work. The service also beefed up its radio-like Stations feature. Check out a graphic of all the new features here.