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Miguel Bosé Is on Spain’s List of Biggest Tax Delinquents

Bosé owes the government almost two million Euros, according to a new list of top offenders.

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé can count among his achievements a string of platinum albums and hit singles, and the honor of 2013's Latin Grammy person of the year. Unfortunately for Bosé, his latest title isn't as pride-worthy: He’s on Spain’s list of top tax delinquents.

Bosé owes the Spanish government 1.869 million euros, according to the federal tax authority. He is a first-time offender on the infamous annual list of shame, where he is joined by soccer player Dani Alves, along business executives and companies.

According to his social media accounts, Bosé is currently in Italy, where photos show he visited the Vatican and met Pope Francis. He has yet to comment on his tax debt.