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M.I.A. Launches Patreon Page For Exclusive Livestream Videos, Artwork & More

M.I.A. now has a profile on Patreon, the fan subscription platform where users pay a membership fee for access to exclusive content from a creator.

The "Paper Planes" artist's page promises short films, unreleased footage from her documentary MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A., exclusive art, access to a once-a-month livestream "from wherever I am in the world" and more. Subscriptions start at $5 per month, and those who pony up $10 per month for her top tier will also get "random surprise content" including everything from recipes to dating advice.

"I’m doing a Patreon, because I make so much stuff and record so many things that aren’t music and don’t fit on other platforms," M.I.A. wrote on her profile. "I'm still making music, putting out the 6th album which is nearly finished, on a normal label, same as the others."


The page arrived on Jan. 31. "I like the idea of Patreon because it's really simple and it's about bringing things back to artists making art," M.I.A. added.

She joins a musician community on Patreon that also includes Ben Folds, Cautious Clay and Jacob Collier. Back in July, Patreon raised $60 million in late-stage funding from investors, which co-founder and CEO Jack Conte declared would take "creator memberships to a whole new level." In November, Patreon announced that its global network of creators have earned more than $1 billion on Patreon, with the support of over 4 million patrons.