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MelodyVR To Launch Long-Awaited Music App ‘In The Coming Weeks’

Virtual reality firm MelodyVR today announced its inaugural product, the MelodyVR app, is forthcoming.

Virtual reality firm MelodyVR today announced that its inaugural product, the MelodyVR app, is forthcoming. In a short press release, the company said the app will be released “in the coming weeks,” without releasing exact details on when the launch will take place or the cost of the app.

The only major reveal by MelodyVR is that they intend to launch the app for the Oculus Go device, which is yet to be released by MelodyVR partner Facebook/Oculus.

MelodyVR has been gaining strong support, with major labels including Warner/Chappell, Sony, Universal, and Roc Nation singing licensing deals. Microsoft also signed on in partnership. 


The startup announced in October 2017 it had secured $19 million in funding. At the time, MelodyVR co-founder Anthony Matchett expressed the company’s desire to focus on the U.S. markets. “As we continue to deliver on our goal of building a truly global music and entertainment business, we look towards the United States as a fertile environment for our growth that we believe will become a key factor in the long-term success of our company,” Matchett said.