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MelodyVR Snags Liam Payne for Its First Virtual Reality Live Broadcast

Liam Payne's secret London show will be broadcast live via MelodyVR.

Liam Payne has teamed up with London-based music startup MelodyVR to give fans a unique concert experience. On Dec. 19 at 3pm EST (8pm GMT), the singer will perform a headline show in London that fans around the world can watch in virtual reality.

With an Oculus Go or Samsung GearVR headset fans can use the MelodyVR app to watch the concert as it is happening. They just need to select Liam Payne on the home screen.

The performance will be interactive with multiple points of view that fans can choose between.


“I can’t wait for this show” said Payne in a statement. “For those who are going to be there on the night, it’s going to be amazing … but the fact there will be people from right across the globe watching the live stream via MelodyVR makes it extra special.”

Since its launch in May 2018, MelodyVR has partnered with multiple performers, including Payne’s One Direction bandmate Niall Horan, to deliver a catalog of on-demand concert experiences. Payne’s show on Dec. 19 marks the company’s first “Live in VR” event. “We truly believe virtual reality has the power to connect artists with fans like never before,” added MelodyVR CEO Anthony Matchett.


A limited number of free tickets to see Payne in person are available on the MelodyVR website. Speaking with Billboard in November, Matchett explained why it’s important to give fans additional ways to see concerts.

“It’s also important when a show is sold out to enable someone to have that experience in real time that they can’t otherwise have,” he said. “They may live on the other side of the world or maybe they’re not old enough or can’t afford it. Giving people the ability to be onstage with a band and have the show happen in real time is really key to our future as a company.”

MelodyVR is currently available in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.