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Meet IndieNinja, a Services Marketplace for the Indie Music Community

The new company will connect independent artists, managers, and labels with industry experts.

On Monday (June 5) at A2IM Indie Week, a team of music and tech experts announced the launch of IndieNinja, a new services marketplace for the independent music community.

IndieNinja is meant to foster simple, reliable connection in the music industry by putting “indies,” or artists, managers, and labels, in touch with a network of “ninjas” including marketing and promotion experts, as well as accountants, attorneys, and road crews. 

The company came into fruition by Bill Wilson, Laurens Kusters, and the Technical Co-Founder Constantine Mavromoustakos, as they saw a need for a central marketplace based on their own experience in the industry. Previously, Wilson founded Blackout! Records, Kusters worked as a label executive, publisher, and manager, and Mavromoustakos worked in tech and mobile development. IndieNinja’s Advisory Board includes Aileen AtkinsJake Beaumont-Nesbitt, Bryan Calhoun, Bill CampbellDoug Keogh, Larry MillerNeeta RagoowansiBenji Rogers, Tom Sarig, Kurt Soto, and Ken Umezaki.


 “We saw lots of friends posting on social media about needing help for publicity, legal and other essentials, and decided to do something about it to create a proper marketplace to connect verified experts to those that need their services,” Kusters said in a statement. “Knowing that you have a qualified rock publicist in North America, a guitar tech in Germany or a t-shirt designer that understands metal – that’s where IndieNinja comes to the rescue.”

The company is currently based in New York and will focus on providing connections within the North American and European independent music communities during its initial phase. Now live, IndieNinja seeks potential Indies and Ninjas to register at