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300 Entertainment Signs Rising Argentinian Singer-Songwriter Maria Becerra

The 20-year-old is a promising act in the urban-pop scene in her native Argentina. 

300 Entertainment, home to artists including Megan Thee Stallion and Fetty Wap, has signed rising Argentinian singer-songwriter Maria Becerra.

A promising act in the urban-pop scene in her native Argentina, the 20-year-old singer becomes the first Latin artist to join the indie label’s roster. “When we were finalizing everything just a few months ago, I couldn’t believe it,” says Becerra, who cites Rihanna as her biggest inspiration.

“I did some research on them and the artists they have and realized that the 300 team can help me get to where I want to get in the future,” she adds. Although the future is hard to imagine amid a global pandemic, “I just want my music to be listened to worldwide and become a leading female voice in Argentina,” continues Becerra, who boasts of more than 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has 2.5 million followers on Instagram.


“Our vice president of A&R, his name is Geoff [Ogunlesi], was the person who discovered Maria, and he has a history of finding great artists,” says Noel “Glitch” Rodriguez, marketing manager for Becerra. “[Geoff] doesn’t speak Spanish so he heard her music and it was so amazing that he decided to reach out to her team and that’s what really started the conversation a couple of months ago. Right now we’re focused on helping Maria grow and it’s really an amazing opportunity on both sides.”

The up-and-coming singer, who has yet to put out an album, describes herself as a versatile artist. “I like R&B, funk and trap and I like to fuse different genres,” she says. When it comes to songwriting, she adds, “I write about stuff that happened or is happening to me because when you sing it, there’s a different emotion to it.”

Her latest single “Tu Me Lo Haces Facil (You Make It Easy),” the first under 300, is no exception. “The song is about that stage when you’re super in love at the beginning of a relationship,” she says. “It’s like you see pretty colors and you imagine crazy things. It’s a very personal song because I’m not one to fall in love easily, but my current boyfriend made it easy.”