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Marcus Hummon Signs Publishing Deal With LBK Entertainment: Exclusive

Revered songwriter Marcus Hummon (“Cowboy Take Me Away,” “Born to Fly”) has signed a new publishing deal with LBK Entertainment, Billboard has learned. The new signing marks the 2019 Nashville…

Revered songwriter Marcus Hummon (“Cowboy Take Me Away,” “Born to Fly”) has signed a new publishing deal with LBK Entertainment, Billboard has exclusively learned. The new signing marks the 2019 Nashville Songwriters Fame inductee’s departure from former publisher Spirit Music Group.

Hummon’s signing serves as the first time the songwriter will work with CEO and majority owner of LBK Entertainment, Carl Kornmeyer. Hummon joins a tight creative team that is led by Mariah Topel and Nashville consultant and fellow songwriter Tim Dubois. The signing marks a return to working with Dubois.

“I am thrilled to have signed a deal with LBK Publishing,” Hummon tells Billboard. “Although Carl Kornmeyer and I haven’t worked together professionally in the past, I am well aware that he has a tremendous reputation in the business, and a wealth of experience and wisdom to share.

“The creative team is led by the very capable, Mariah Topel; she is young, hungry and talented. Nashville consultant Tim Dubois has been a trusted friend for years, as I was a development artist on his original Arista Records roster; and of course, I am well aware of his many writing credits,” Hummon continues. “So, for me, it’s both an exciting new venture, and also… a kind of coming home.”


Founded by music industry veteran Kornmeyer, LBK Entertainment aims to combine the world of music publishing and artist development. The publisher’s catalog has amassed over 20 songwriters including Ivory Layne, who is signed to Justin Timberlake’s Villa 40 label, and Marc Martel who serves as the voice of several of Freddie Mercury’s songs in the film Bohemian Rhapsody. LBK is expected to announce several additional signings in the coming months.

“We are honored to have Marcus join the team of amazing talent at LBK,” Kornmeyer says. “His versatility as a songwriter and producer in all genres is remarkable and will be valuable to the continued growth of LBK and all our songwriters.

“LBK is focused on the opportunities in today’s music marketplace; not the limitations we all hear about so often,” Kornmeyer continues. “That makes our jobs exciting and allows for the full appreciation of the creative voices from our team and songwriters. We are not afraid to take risks or to back the early careers of songwriters and artists. Nor afraid to apply the lessons when history offers guidance for us.”

Mariah Topel, Marcus Hummon Carl Kornmeyer
Mariah Topel, Marcus Hummon and Carl Kornmeyer. Courtesy Photo