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Marc Anthony To Perform ‘One Night Only’ Livestream: Exclusive

Marc Anthony will perform his 'One Night Only' global livestream on April 17. Here are all the details. 

Marc Anthony, one of the world’s top touring acts, will perform a single livestream concert that will be promoted and marketed for global consumption.

One Night Only, set to stream April 17, is expected to be seen by over 100,000 fans worldwide, according to organizers.

One Night Only will feature Marc Anthony performing a full-length show accompanied by his full band of 20-plus musicians and featuring “surprises.” The show will be produced by Magnus Studios, a division of Magnus, Marc Anthony’s sports and entertainment company.

Worldwide marketing efforts will be led by Loud & Live, the Miami-based entertainment, marketing, media & live events company. Video and film director Carlos Perez, of “Despacito” and “Vivir mi Vida” fame, will direct the special, which will stream from Miami.


This is certainly not the first livestream by a major artist since the shut down of major touring last year. Big names like J Balvin, Ricardo Montaner and most recently, Fito Páez, have played major livestreams.

But Anthony’s show seems poised to become the largest ticketed Latin livestream, thanks to the mix of the artist’s strong live appeal coupled with a massive marketing and promotion effort that includes both local and international efforts.

“Our goal is to make this the biggest Latin global livestream to date,” says Nelson Albareda, CEO of Loud & Live. “Marc is a huge ticket seller and a guy who sells out everywhere he goes. But can only do 100 shows a year. How do his fans [in far-flung places] see him?”

“The first thing we did was an analysis of social media to really understand where those Marc fans are,” adds Albareda, whose company counts marketing as one of its biggest strengths.

Based on the result of that analysis, Loud & Live partnered with local promoters in markets like Venezuela (Emporio Group), Tu Boleta (Colombia), Bizarro (Chile) and Planet Events (Spain). In these cases, the livestream is being treated as an actual live show with traditional marketing and promotion, including radio spots and out of home advertising like Billboards. Sponsors are also targeted by country. Walmart will be a U.S. sponsor, for example, while American Express and Avianca are coming in for Colombia.


According to Albareda, ticket prices will hover in the $20-$40 range in all territories. For those seeking a plus, there will be an after party hosted by Alex Sensation with an added bump to the ticket price.

“We think this is going to be an historic moment for a legendary artist,” says Michel Vega, co-founder and CEO of Magnus. “It’s a love letter from Marc to his fans after not performing for nearly a year.”