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Madonna Launching Exclusive SiriusXM Channel, ‘Madame X’ Radio

Madonna will launch her own SiriusXM channel on July 1, the broadcasting company revealed today (June 28).

Madonna will launch her own SiriusXM channel on July 1, the satellite radio giant revealed today (June 28). Fittingly titled Madame X Radio — after her latest album, which recently debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 — the channel will showcase music from Madonna’s decades-spanning career.

Along with music, Madonna’s SiriusXM channel will feature exclusive stories from Madame X as well as stories behind other songs. 

“This channel brings you into the intricate world of Madame X,” Madonna says in a statement. “You’ll learn more about the creative process behind my latest album and gain a deeper understanding of what drives me as an artist and a performer.”

Madame X Radio will launch on July 1 at 12 p.m. ET, and run through July 31. Sirius subscribers can access it on Channel 4 on SiriusXM, but fans can also listen on SiriusXM’s mobile app as well as on smart TVS, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku and Sonos speakers.


Just before the channel launches, Madonna will be performing at New York City’s Pride Island as part of the Pride Month Celebrations on June 30. She’ll kick off an extensive Madame X World Tour on Sept. 12 in Brooklyn, New York.