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Florida Man Sues Madonna, Live Nation For Late Concert Start in Miami

A Florida man is suing Madonna for pushing back the start time of her "Madame X" concert in Miami.

A Florida man is suing Madonna for pushing back the start time of her “Madame X” concert in Miami.

Nate Hollander filed a class action lawsuit against Madonna and Live Nation Worldwide for all other ticket holders that were impacted by the late change in the “Queen of Pop’s” concert times.

According to his lawsuit, Hollander said he purchased three tickets in August for $1,024 to attend Madonna’s “Madame X” concert. He said when he bought the tickets, they stated the concert at the Fillmore Miami Beach would start at 8:30 p.m. Two months later, Hollander said he was notified by Live Nation that the concert times had changed and notified that Madonna’s show would now start at 10:30 p.m.

Hollandar said the new time meant that children under the age of 18 could no longer legally attend the show and in effect “making their tickets worthless.” He also said the time change devalued the ticket’s worth because it would be inconvenient for people to go to work and school the next day.


Hollander said after the concert times were changed that he tried without success to obtain a refund for the three tickets.

Madonna seemingly responded to the lawsuit from the floor of her Vegas show Nov. 8th show at Caesar’s Palace saying “[H]ere is something that you all need to understand and that is that a queen is never late.”

Hollander is seeking an excess of $15,000 in damages.